UAP 5524: International Development

This fall, Prof. Kris Wernstedt will be offering UAP 5524: International Development as a replacement course for UAP 5764G: International Development Policy and Planning. UAP 5524 will run on Friday’s from 8:00 to 10:30am and will be offered via Zoom (a web conferencing platform).

Course Description – UAP 5524: International Development

What challenges do developing countries face in the 21st century as a legacy of past practices and histories and as globalization continues apace? How do these problems manifest themselves at global, trans-border, nation-state, and city scales? What policy responses and planning management practices have nations pursued to address their development challenges, and what solutions have appeared to create more livable environments in the face of them?

Through readings, lectures, interviews of practitioners from international NGOs and multi-lateral agencies, role-playing, simulations, and out-of-class assignments, this course examines major concepts of international development in countries of the Global South. Students will consider issues and challenges facing low-income states and examine a range of different and often competing practical approaches to address these. Course topics range widely, as do the challenges of development, but throughout the semester we will consistently examine urbanization, climate change, public health, water and sanitation, transportation, housing, and economic livelihoods.  The course will meet on Friday mornings over Zoom, a web conferencing tool. 

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